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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Comment To Ohio Governor John Kasich On The "Heartbeat" Bill

Governor Kasich --

Republicans in the Ohio Legislature have lost their minds.  Using slimy, 11th-hour tactics, they've rammed through a regressive, unconstitutional anti-abortion "heartbeat" bill which flies in the face of long-standing law.  What our Republicans have done is despicable on every level.  It's unnecessary, and unfair to women.  It's punitive, forcing women to choose between delivering an unwanted child, or leaving the state to obtain an abortion.  It's pure ideology from the hyper-zealous few, and it does not reflect the majority view in either Ohio or the nation.  Women must retain the right of ready access to a safe, legal, affordable, medical abortion if desired.

It is not the job of the Ohio Legislature to overturn Roe v. Wade, or to skirt it with an unconstitutional local ban.

It is your job, Governor, to do the right thing and promptly veto this nonsense.  Please do the right thing and veto HB 493.

If you wish to send the Governor a comment, here's the link:


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