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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rejected By The Bureau Of Motor Vehicles

The idea was fairly inspired.  Naturally, it was not mine.

The dear wife, the lovely Mrs. Gammons, had the thought to get me personalized license plates for my car as a surprise Christmas gift.  I've never been a bumper sticker/vanity plate kind of guy, but so what?

Such special plates may be requested online via the BMV website.  Her first request was for a plate reading "FDT."  (That stands for, well, you know what it stands for.)  The website informed her that FDT was already issued.  Really?  So she requested "FDTMP" (which adds either more specificity, or the VP-elect's initials, depending on how you look at it.).  FDTMP was accepted!  She entered her credit card info and awaited shipment, pleased with her cleverness.

The next day she got a phone call from a BMV representative, informing her that, upon further review, FDTMP wasn't gonna fly.  Looks too much like, well, you know what it looks like.  No surprise plates for me, and a refund for her.  Oh well.

I heard all about it on Christmas Day, and we all LOL'd.  Although either plate would have expressed my sentiments precisely, I'm not sure I would have been entirely comfortable driving around with it.  So perhaps it worked out for the best.  And besides, it's the thought that counts, right?

P.S.  Today's mail brought me an envelope from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles regarding my recent  "INAPPROPRIATE REQUEST & NOTICE OF DENIAL."  The state wanted me to know that "the BMV does not provide motorists with a forum for promoting messages or causes which may be distasteful or offensive.  The Special Plates Committee has denied your request due to the potential perception of inappropriateness." 

This from the same state that routinely issues special plates with an anti-abortion message.  Go figure. 

And who knew we had a "Special Plates Committee"?  Sounds like an interesting gig.  I wonder if they're hiring.


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