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Friday, December 9, 2016

Another Comment To Gov. Kasich: The 20-Week Ban Is No Better

Governor Kasich --

The history of the world proves that you cannot eliminate abortion.  Legal prohibitions like HB 493 are folly -- abortion would still occur, but it would become illegal, non-medical and dangerous.  A restrictive time limitation like SB 127's 20-week ban is no improvement.  Viability has been found to be around 22 to 26 weeks.  The SB 127 limit would be unconstitutional.   It would also be unnecessary.  Statistics from the Ohio Dept. of Health prove it:

Right now, virtually all abortions in Ohio occur prior to 20 weeks anyway.  Only 0.7% are performed beyond that point.  So what exactly is the point?  SB 127 is a solution in search of a problem.

Reducing abortions, not eliminating them, should be the aim.  That is accomplished by not by legislation, but by education and contraception.  The results of that approach are easy to see.  According to the Ohio Dept. of Health, the annual number of abortions in Ohio has fallen 39% since 2005, from 34,128 to 20,976.  The decrease did not come from hateful de-funding attacks on Planned Parenthood, or ridiculous "admitting privileges" laws.  It came from ongoing education and contraception, and that's where we must continue to focus.

Please do not cater to Michael Gonidakis, Sen. Keith Faber or any other zealot on this issue.  Both HB 493 and SB 127 are bad bills.  Don't sign either one, don't let either become law.  Veto them.  

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