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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Public Utility" -- That Means The Public Pays For Everything

I was interested to read that American Electric Power, my favorite utility (to hate!) is asking the PUCO for a rate increase to cover the cost of thefts from their substations across the state.  It seems that people are stealing copper wiring and other metals from these substations because they're unmanned and insufficiently secured.  AEP is asking rate payers to foot the bill for improved fencing and gate locks.

Jeez!  Did it never dawn on AEP that this might occur?  Does AEP take responsibility for anything?  Do they ever pay for anything out of their own pocket?  AEP could probably buy some sort of insurance to cover such a loss, but they'd want us to pay for that too!

An AEP spokesperson said they'd soon request another unrelated rate increase because, "The lobby in our headquarters building needs new carpeting, our fleet of service vehicles is running low on gas, and our CEO Nick Akins needs a new pair of shoes."

"And what else would you like the public to buy for you, Nick?"

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