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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Put Kavanaugh On Ice

Democrats must do everything in their power to prevent Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh from a ram-through confirmation.  Here are four good reasons why an indefinite delay is appropriate:

1.  Kavanaugh was nominated by a deeply flawed and compromised president who is currently under investigation by special counsel.  And the GOP is obstructing and refusing to release the many thousands of pages of Kavanaugh's judicial records and documents from his time in the Dubya White House.

2.  The pro-Kavanaugh forces are spending big money on pre-hearing TV ads designed to polish the nominee's image.  When it becomes necessary to mount a PR spin campaign for a potential Supreme Court justice, that nominee bears a closer look.  Here's one ad I've seen a couple times.  The woman is a friend who says she knows nothing about politics or the Court, but she knows Kavanaugh is a good guy who'd make a good judge.  Doesn't say how she knows, she just knows.

TV ads for the Supreme Court are a very new idea, and a very bad one.

3.  Kavanaugh's record shows he has a very expansive view of executive rights and privileges.  He believes sitting presidents are immune from criminal and civil charges, and should be able to dismiss a special counsel with whom he (or she) disagrees.  Gosh, it's like he was chosen for this very reason!

4.  Mitch McConnell fucked President Obama on his Merrick Garland pick.  Turnabout is fair play.  (De-railing Kavanaugh may prove impossible but, dammit, the Dems gotta try!)

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