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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Hello?" MUSTA Had A Bad Connection

Sometimes, a guy can be so desperate to change the subject that he'll do anything -- like invite the press to watch and listen to a call on speaker phone to Mexican President Nieto about "a big thing" -- a reported new trade deal with Mexico.

(Click the link and watch the pathetic clown get the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" treatment.)


Let's review.

There is no new trade deal with Mexico.

There's perhaps a loose agreement to revise some parts of NAFTA.  Yesterday's shiny object was essentially a photo-op, or in this case, a fucked up phone-op.

NAFTA has not been replaced.

Trumpty Dumpty may want to screw Canada and "do a deal" with Mexico, but as Nieto pointed out, Canada must still be part of the process, and U.S. congressional approval will still be needed.

Despite Bratman's desire to rename the trade deal the "Mexico-United States Trade Agreement" (MUSTA?  He-he!!), it's still NAFTA.

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