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Monday, August 27, 2018

More Random Gun Violence, No Lessons Learned

Yesterday in Jacksonville, a young man participating in a video game tournament suddenly began firing his handgun at people.  Three are dead, including the gunman, and nine were wounded.  The shooter's motive is unknown.

Not to diminish the dead and injured, but as mass shootings go, this one was sort of ho-hum.  Not a big enough body count -- not mass-enough to get mass attention.

We'll probably hear about the dangers of playing video games, and untreated mental illness, and insufficient event security.  All deflection, all BS!  What we won't hear anything about is the real problem -- way too many goddam guns in this country and way too easy to get them.

Secretary of Ignorance -- uh, Education -- Betsy DeVos even wants to add to the problem by allowing schools to use federal education grants to buy guns for their teachers.  What an exquisitely insane idea!  Firearms for every teacher everywhere.  Think back on all the teachers you had over the years.  You comfortable with some of those bozos packing heat?  The gym teacher?  The vice principal?  How about subs?  You really want to arm substitute teachers?  Instead of school-issued weapons, maybe substitutes would have to bring their own guns.  Maybe substitutes could bring substitute guns, like Nerf guns or water pistols.  Jesus!

There are roughly 325 million Americans with 393 million guns in their possession.  Good grief, why?  It seems as if Congress is waiting until each and every one of us loses a family member to gun violence before they take any action.  Maybe not even then.


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