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Monday, August 20, 2018

Enemies, Clearances, And Free Speech

Because they are often critical of him, His Lardship loves to insult the free press by calling them "enemies of the people."  Last Thursday, 350 newspapers across the country responded in editorials, the gist of which was "Fuck you, Donald!"

Because he is often critical of him, Brat Man revoked the security clearance of John Brennan, former CIA director, and threatened to do the same to others in the intelligence community.  A letter supporting Brennan and condemning Trump was written by 12 former senior intelligence officials, and has now been signed by 60 former CIA officials and over 175 Pentagon and State Dept. alumni.  The essential message of the letter was, "Fuck you, Donald!"

Apple, Google and Facebook removed content produced by Alex Jones, hate-mongering conspiracy theory nut-job.  Twitter shut down Jones account and put him in a one week "time out."  (Time out?  Really?  Did he have to sit the corner too?)  Jones has never been critical of Cheeto Jesus, so Trump  defended him.  Social media is "totally discriminating against Republican and conservative voices," said Trump.  "Let everybody participate, good and bad, and we'll all just have to figure it out."  In other words, let's keep abusing these platforms and see how many suckers we can fool.  (Vladi approves!)  Oh, fuck you, Donald!

A few things that our Dictator-Tot just doesn't understand:
  • Childishly revoking security clearances as payback for your critics is a losing game.  You can't punish all your detractors.  You can't fire all the Democrats.  And at some point, a future president might revoke your clearance, Donnie, if you're not already in jail by then. 
  • The First Amendment is great and censorship should used only sparingly.  But you can't have it both ways.  Trump is all about free speech for Alex Jones, and at the same time would like to gag John Brennan and shut down the New York Times.  And turning loose an army of Russian Twitter-bots spewing propaganda in the name of free speech, and having us "just figure it out" is not a good idea.  
  • The real enemy of the people is Dolt 45, our fake president.  

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