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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just Another Cheap Bastard

File this one under sad but true -- further proof that Donald Trump is a fraud, just another cheap bastard.

It seems Donald is in the habit of giving the gift of diamond cuff links to friends and acquaintances.  Really generous, right?  Yeah, except Donnie hands out fakes.

Click the link for the story and a short, funny video of Charlie Sheen recalling the time that the Great Trumpkin gave him some fake diamond jewelry.

"The appraiser recoiled and said, 'In their finest moment, these are cheap pewter and bad zirconias."


Reminds me of a very similar case involving a car dealer I once knew.  He's dead now, but in his day he was successful, but arrogant and dismissive of other people, most of whom he considered to be beneath him.  Knew him, didn't like him.

In a classic midlife crisis, he divorced his wife of many years, the mother of his children, and took up with a much younger woman.  He married her in short order, bought her an enormous diamond ring as a wedding present, and told her he had insured it for well over six figures.  His new bride signed a pre-nuptial agreement which stipulated she'd get the expensive, big-ass ring if they ever broke up.

And soon enough, they did.  The pre-nup made the divorce settlement pretty cut and dried -- she got a little money and some other things, and of course the huge diamond ring worth mucho dinero.  She intended to sell the ring and cash in, but upon appraisal, it was found to be just an ordinary cubic zirconium, worth maybe $200.

She sued her ex for fraudulent misrepresentation, and won her case.  She was awarded the full amount of the ring as it was represented to her by her ex -- $150,000 as I recall.

The car dealer was just another cheap bastard trying to pull a fast one.  He was probably related to Donald Trump. 

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