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Buster Gammons

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hark! The Donald Angel Sings!

I read with great amusement today that Saint Donald Trump, speaking to a small group of evangelicals, suggested that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama are really Christians.  "There's nothing out there" on Hillary's religious beliefs, said Donald The Holy.  "It's gonna be an extension of Obama, but worse."  (Wait -- I thought the Great Trumpkin established long ago that Obama was a Muslim from Kenya.  Hillary's religion will be worse?  Witchcraft?  Cannibalism?  Hillsboro Baptist?)

Jesus!  I am no theologian and neither is Donald Trump.  Not even close.  He has no business discussing religion with anyone.  If this lame-ass talking point is an example of his "new direction" campaign, he's in even deeper shit than anyone thought.

Donald Trump couldn't spell "bible" if you spotted him two b's and the i.


One of these days, dear readers, America will progress to the point where our elected officials will not be required to prove their Christianity, or any sort of religious affiliation.  Then we will be free to elect, say, a  Buddhist, or a Jew, or an atheist, or someone who simply maintains that his or her religion, or lack thereof, is a private matter and is none of our damn business.  And that, my friends,  will be progress indeed.


  1. Hi Buster, Interesting series of thought. Where's the image from? If original, would you permit me to repost on instagram?

    1. To further specify it'd be part of a reaching out of sort. Your credentials shall be referenced of course.