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Buster Gammons

Monday, June 20, 2016


A bit before 11:00 last night, it got a little loud on the back porch of the Buster Gammons estate.  In a great, close game, the Cleveland Cavaliers had just won the NBA championship.  The TV was blaring, Buster Jr. was yelling and dancing and slapping fives, both dogs were howling, and I probably contributed a few decibels myself.  My apologies to all in the immediate area.

The 93-89 Cleveland victory was impressive.  No NBA team had ever come back to win it all after being down three games to one.  But the Cavs did it, winning three straight, including the clinching Game 7 on the road against the team which this season achieved the best-ever regular season record.  LeBron James was the no-doubt-about-it MVP.

It was redemptive for Bron Bron, and very satisfying for old Cleveland fans like me.  As has been mentioned so often lately, it's been a long time since the last championship of any kind for the city of Cleveland (the 1964 Browns).   So I've now been witness to two Cleveland championships.

Our rate of winning it all isn't very high -- once every 52 years like clockwork -- which only makes it that much sweeter when it finally happens.  BELIEVE!!!

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