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Buster Gammons

Monday, June 27, 2016

End The Divide?

Maybe you've seen this ad from the Koch brothers.  It's  been in fairly heavy rotation here in swingy ol' Ohio, part of their down-ballot strategy:

So let me get this straight.  Two of the richest men in world would like you to believe they give a shit about poverty, racism, unfairness, and the big have/have not divide.  And they want you to believe that the best way to fix these societal problems is to "remove the red tape and excessive government regulations" (i.e. all the rules they don't like) so that they can prosper to an even greater extent.  (The Kochs are hurting?  They are somehow oppressed?)

They want you to swallow it and like it and believe that somehow the entire nation will benefit if only we do everything the Koch way.

Don't swallow.  Don't believe.  It's tired old trickle-down B.S.

And BTW, can any of my conservative readers (semi- and other) give me a single example of an excessive, repressive government regulation?  Tell me how it's killed your business and ruined your life.  Tell me everything, I'm all ears.

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