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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Big Speech," Little Truth

Today Donald Trump delivered his "big speech" devoted to attacking Hillary Clinton.  He was fairly well-rehearsed and stuck to his script, but his script was still chock-full of gross exaggerations, misrepresentations, lack of understanding, and bullshit.  It was essentially his "crooked Hillary" line stretched out to an hour's worth of bloviation.  According to Donald, anything bad which has occurred anywhere on the planet during Hillary's lifetime is her fault.

One of his punchlines today was calling Hillary "a world-class liar."  Most of us would agree that no one is 100% honest.  Politicians, as a class, are especially known as dishonest hair-splitters, baloney-slicers, and double-talking spin-meisters.

But Trump calling Hillary "a world-class liar"???  LOL!!! That's rich!  And shameless.
  • The financial website The Street named Donald Trump as the Biggest Liar of 2015.
  • PolitiFact has found that the biggest liars of the 2016 election cycle so far have been Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  The most honest?  Hillary Clinton.
Never in political history has there been a more heinous, ostentatious, brazen, vast, continual, habitual, bald-faced liar than Donald Trump!  The sheer quantity of his lies overwhelms the media and the fact-checkers -- it's impossible to list them all or even try to track them.  His lying is epic and Sagan-esque -- billions and billions.

It's like the old joke:
How can you tell if Donald Trump is lying?
His lips are moving.

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