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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Their Other Favorite Lie

It's a new release, but it's rocketing up the deception charts and has now become their other favorite lie.

The Democrats are making hay with the issue of health care and the critical importance of covering pre-existing conditions.  Nationwide, all the Republican midterm candidates are suddenly claiming that, just like the D's, they've "always" worked to preserve pre-existing conditions coverage.  It's their new on-message talking point.

And it's complete bullshit, a total lie.  But they're all doing it.  They figure if they repeat the lie enough, a lot of low-info conservative morons will actually believe it.  Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine has even enlisted his daughter Anna to help him lie about the issue.  In one campaign ad, she says her dad has a "caring heart" which is why "he supports health-care coverage for people with pre-exisitng conditions."

Her language is pure Republican fog -- doesn't say what level of pre-existing coverage, or how it will be provided, or at what cost.  That's because Republicans don't have any of those answers.  (When pressed, all DeWine has offered is a feeble suggestion of high-risk pools, which have been tried before and simply do not work.)

DeWine and every one of the Republican candidates out there now talking about how they "support" pre-exisitng coverage is lying.  It's a cynical, coordinated group lie.  What they've all supported is repealing the ACA, which would necessarily mean a repeal of the mandate to cover pre-existing conditions.  So STFU!

At my regular check-up last week (I'm good, BTW), I was congratulated by my doctor and two nurses for my TV ad on this issue for Democrat Rich Cordray.  These health professionals realize how many people have a pre-exisitng condition (you probably have one), and how important it truly is to have assurances of full, comprehensive coverage.  It's literally a life-saver.

The only thing we've ever had in this country to guarantee full, fair, nondiscriminatory coverage of pre-existing health conditions is the Affordable Care Act.

Protect the ACA.  Protect Social Security.  Protect Medicare.  Vote Democratic on November 6th!

Turn Blue!


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