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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Evangelical Trolls Have Found Me!

In my "Times Have Changed" post of 10/19/18, I remarked on the irony of the one-time "family values, moral majority" Republican party devolving into the no-values, amoral minority Trumpanzee party.

My off-the-cuff observation drew this curious response:

We are are praying for you.
Government is not God. Politics and policy are no substitute for religion. In the grand scheme of life, government and politics are quite trivial. If your happiness and life satisfaction is based on political policy and government programs, you will always be left empty and unfulfilled.

So, don't worry, just pray?  Really?  Plaster-saint evangelicals can rationalize anything, as long they get a couple anti-abortion SCOTUS judges and are allowed to deny cupcakes to gay people.

My anonymous commenter has it exactly backwards: 

  • It's religion which is no substitute for public policy.  
  • My happiness and satisfaction are based on many things, including government policy and programs.
  • It's religion which has always left me empty and unfulfilled.

As for praying for me, thanks, but don't waste your time or breath.  If you really want to help me, clean up the dog turds in my backyard.

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