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Buster Gammons

Monday, August 1, 2016

Tweety Bird And His Gutless Wonders

First, thin-skinned Tweety Bird Donald Trump puked up on Twitter by stupidly insulting and disrespecting the American Muslim parents of a KIA Army officer.  Then he dug the hole deeper by continuing his idiotic tweet-storm, claiming he was "viciously attacked" by the Khans, and that his real point was "RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR!  Get smart!"

Trump was denounced and condemned from all quarters for his addle-brained comments, even by some of his Republican "supporters" like Senators John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, Kelly Ayotte and Rob Portman, and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

All of those people have officially endorsed Trump and none of them has retracted that endorsement.  Apparently nothing that Trump says or does, no matter how horrible, makes a difference.  They stand by their fascist, bigoted, blowhard nominee.  They are gutless wonders.    

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