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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Repetitive Lie

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D) is in a tight race with incumbent Senator Rob Portman (R) for Portman's Senate seat.  Robbie is a career political hack -- a corporate shill, an out-sourcer supreme, an NRA apologist, and a coward.  He's a one-percenter who's not only personally wealthy, he has the financial backing of the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers, and a variety of dark-money sources.  They're all spending big to attack Strickland with TV ads which repeat a few lies over and over. 

Class, we've covered this material before, but I want to make sure you've got these three points.  There may be a quiz.
  • Ted Strickland did not raise taxes by $800 million.  He merely delayed an already-planned tax cut by one year in order to balance the budget.  This is a "tax increase" only in Republican double-speak.  Overall, Strickland reduced taxes by 13%.
  • Ted Strickland did not cause Ohio to lose 350,000 jobs.  There was a little thing called the Great Recession.  You might recall it -- the worst financial downturn since 1929.  Things were sucky from coast to coast, and jobs were lost everywhere.  Ohio did better than many states.
  • Ted Strickland did not piss away Ohio's rainy-day fund.  The Great Recession was one hell of a rain storm, and he used our contingency fund appropriately, to avoid the alternative of tax increases and service cuts.  That's what a rainy-day fund is for.
"No, I am not an android.  Why do you ask?"
The Portman ad blitz is slimy.  It hopes the repetitive lie becomes the "truth."  Which is not a bad bet, since the average American voter is stupid and lazy and has the attention span of a gnat.  Not you, of course!

If you still need one more fact to convince you that Robbie Portman is a hack and a coward and a robotic tool, try this:  Portman endorses Donald Trump.

'Nuff sed.

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