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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Crazy-Trump Unchained

He wants Japan to pay us back for all we've done for them.  (He also thinks they should have nukes.)

He wants Russia to help hack Hillary's email server.

He will keep Putin out of Ukraine. "He's not going into Ukraine, OK?  You can mark it down." (Russia has occupied part of Ukraine since 2014.)

He believes women who are sexually harassed on the job should "find another career."

He thinks he has already won the election in Pennsylvania, unless Hillary "cheats" and her supporters "vote five or ten times."

He claimed he saw a "top-secret" video of the U.S. dropping a pallet of currency in Iran.  No such video exists.

He suggested "the Second Amendment people" (i.e. gun nuts) could "do something" if Hillary wins (like maybe assassinate her).

He repeatedly called Obama and Hillary the "founder and co-founder of ISIS."  (He later said he was just being "sarcastic," and shame on the loser, low-ratings, lame-stream media if they couldn't recognize his sparkling wit.)

And the beat goes on.  This was just my recollection of recent Crazy-Trump action, and I'm sure I missed some.  It's impossible to keep track of every lie coming out of his mouth.  It's pointless to try to fact-check him.  He's virtually fact-free and simply does not care.  He just sticks to his routine:  Say something awful and outrageous, draw the anticipated media coverage (ratings!), then deny everything, move rapidly on to the next outrage, and dare all of us to try to keep up. 

Trump is a McLuhanite* nightmare -- "the medium is the message."  If he's on TV or being talked about on TV, that's all that matters to him.

He has no filters and refuses all advice.  But despite the constant coverage he so desperately desires, his poll numbers (ratings!) are falling and the GOP is freaking out.  Ha-ha-ha!  Donald, your "brand" sucks!

*Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was a Canadian professor, writer and media visionary.  He coined the phrases "the medium is the message," "the global village," and predicted the world wide web.  

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