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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Curiouser And Curiouser

Yesterday, Donald Trump spoke in Milwaukee, the scene of recent unrest following another cop-shoots-black-person incident.  ("In Milwaukee" for Donald means being an hour away in a white Republican town addressing a lily-white audience.)

He blamed Milwaukee's tensions on Hillary Clinton's "bigotry" for "peddling the narrative of racist cops."  Bad cops are not the problem, according to Trump.  "The problem," said Donnie, "is that there are not enough police." (That's right, blacks and Latinos -- your only problem with policing is you don't get nearly enough of it!)  Mr. Law n' Order said that would "make life more comfortable for African-Americans."  Then he asked for their votes.

There were no black people in attendance.  In national polling, Trump's support among African-Americans stands at 1%.  In Ohio and Pennsylvania, it's 0%.

Steve Bannon, right-tard slob
Trumpenstein followed that up by announcing his third campaign "CEO" in the past eight weeks.  None had or has ever run a campaign before.  Paul Manafort, lobbyist for dictators and torturers, was too meek and mainstream.  He's out.  His replacement is Steve Bannon, bug-nutty owner of Breitbart.com, an ultra-conservative, race-baiting "news" website.  (Breitbart is a refuge for those who feel Fox News is too restrained and reasonable.)

To cap off the day, the Trump campaign said none other than Roger Ailes will now serve as "debate adviser."  The slimeball Ailes was just fired from Fox News in a sexual harassment walk-of-shame.  Nice hire, Donnie!  There goes the (white) women's vote.

It's just incredible.  Trump never had the black vote or the Latino vote or much of the women's vote to begin with, and the Steve Bannon playbook won't change that now.  Trump will just keep punching the buttons of those who were going to vote for him in the first place --  Already foaming at the mouth?  Good!  Here, take a torch and a pitchfork.    

And I thought Mitt Romney was a treasure-trove of material! 

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