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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Can We Get An IQ Test For Using Social Media?

The lovely Mrs. Gammons tolerates more nonsense on her Facebook page than I could ever swallow, some of it from old acquaintances from her Cincinnati youth.  A regular offender is J.S., the brother of her sister's first husband.  He's a Trump fan who routinely posts some the stupidest, most hateful things in the world, which is his idea of being "conservative."  I'd have blown up his ignorant ass and unfriended him long ago, but Mrs. Gammons just waits to see what piece of idiocy he'll come up with next.

Today it was these two doozies:

This is merely stating what is already the law of the land.  All states require that voters be U.S. citizens.  Evidently, this is news to J.S. and others like him.

Undocumented immigrants may receive schooling and emergency medical care, but they are ineligible for welfare or SNAP food stamp benefits.  In fact, the Social Security Administration estimated that in 2013 undocumented aliens and their employers paid about $13 billion in payroll taxes alone for benefits they will probably never receive.

People as stupid as J.S. should not be allowed to use any form of social media.


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