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Saturday, August 13, 2016

How To Ruin An Expensive Cooler

Ever heard of the YETI brand of coolers?  They are premium, heavy-duty coolers, with superior insulation and a $300 to $400 price tag.  They claim to keep ice for at least four days and to be "grizzly-proof."  (Very handy if you plan to drink for four straight days in the company of bears.)

Met a North Carolina family down here at the beach.  They had a YETI cooler, and were nice enough people.  But they felt the need to advertise their political wing-nuttiness with numerous bumper stickers slapped all over their over-priced, status-symbol cooler.  To wit:

  • The "Don't Tread on Me" coiled snake (the Revolutionary War flag usurped by Tea Baggers)
  • A Glock pistols decal
  • "LaRue Tactical Weapons" (a custom gun maker in Texas)
  • "I [Heart] Guns"
  • "Extremely Rightwing"
  • "Hillary For Prison 2016"
  • A Confederate flag with the word "Redneck" superimposed on it

Well, yee-friggin'-hah, ya morons!

That's how you screw up a perfectly good $400 cooler.

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