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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kaepernick's Method Is Still "Divisive," And Now I Am Too!

Got two more comments from Anonymous #1.  The last word?

Those are Jones' quoted words you are challenging not mine.
You are wrong in your thinking that Kaepernick's message isn't well received. We know we have problems. Work at solving them. Not expanding divisions.
It's his form of delivery that is disturbing. Why pick a means that'she so inflammatory to so many. It hurts his cause. Many in the black community agree that he picked the wrong delivery method.
I'm beginning to think you, as a blogger, enjoy the divides in this country because it gives you simply something to write about.
Time to shift our gear out of low and move to high and bringing people together. Just a thought.
It's going to be another ugly 4 or 8 years no matter who gets elected if we can't unite this country.

Anonymous 1 again. Listen to Michael Irvin on Mike & Mike from Aug 29th 4th hr. He describes how he feels about the flag. He doesn't come say Kaepernick is wrong, but it's obvious he believes his actionson are disrespectful.
Unless you're a closet Trumper, you think this country is already pretty great. So why perpetuate the disgust & divide? Find constructive ways to bridge the divide! Please?!

Divisive and inflammatory?
Anonymous #1's last word is unchanged from before:  It's not his message, it's just his divisive method/means/action. 

That's a classic cop-out, experienced by Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and countless other social protesters.  It's a rhetorical twist to shift the focus away from what is being protested to how it's being protested, and thereby distract from the bigger issue, the real issue.

"Well, I guess Kaepernick's right, but I can't support him because he won't stand during the anthem."

And it's fascinating to learn that I enjoy our divided country, I'm a perpetuator of disgust, and I'm a destructive non-builder of bridges!  Wow!  I must make amends.  Watch for future posts where I tackle such topics as baking cookies, bird watching, and singing Kumbaya in three-part harmony.



  1. But I'll stop loving you, even if we disagree a little!

  2. A1 left out a KEY word... I'll NEVER stop loving you, even if we disagree!��