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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Let's Do This Deal Before The Trading Deadline. I'll Even Throw In A Fascist-To-Be-Named-Later!

A baseball analogy.

We know that Captain Blunderpants' "solution" to his self-created immigration crisis is no solution at all.  Jailing families together as opposed to jailing them separately fixes absolutely nothing.  In short order, his executive order will run into legal problems.  And the 2300+ kids (that we know of) already in separate detention will remain there, with no guarantee of being reunited with their parents.

The long-silent Senior Adviser Sparkly Princess Trumpolina offered Daddy Dearest her immediate thanks (for nothing).  And the Bride of Trumpenstein chose to wear a terribly tasteless "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" jacket as she flew to a border detention facility to wish the little prisoners "good luck" (and good luck to you too, Melanoma).  Collusion Don himself headed to Duluth for a self-congratulatory rally with the foamy-mouth brigade.  He whipped the assembled dimwits into a frenzy with his usual racist anti-immigrant rants, and blamed all his problems on the Democrats and their "open-border policies which allow MS-13 and drugs to pour into our streets."  Utter horseshit, of course.

I hope you've noticed that Trump has killed the formal presidential press conference.  He hates being questioned and challenged, so he simply refuses to hold them.  All he does is hold rallies for his deplorable base and gets 'em so lathered up they can't see straight.  This is precisely what Mussolini and Hitler did in pre-WW II Europe.  And it is happening again right now in America.

So as the Major League trading deadline approaches, and even though "open borders" is a fear-mongering myth, here's the deal from Trader Buster:

I will take all the Hondurans, Guatemalans, Central Americans and Mexicans who want to come to America, and in exchange I'll deport Trump, his family, all the Republicans, and all the MAGAts.  They can go.  And I'll even throw in a fascist-to-be-named-later.

I believe the trade would benefit all concerned, a genuine win-win.


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