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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After Trump's First Trimester, I Still Have Morning Sickness

We're about one third of the way through the Trumpistopheles administration, and everyday I still wanna puke.  It's a constant stream of lies, degradation, insults to our intelligence, and shiny objects to distract the ignorant masses.

Having already pardoned Bush-era perjurer Scooter Libby and racist felon Joe Arpaio, Trump has now pardoned racist asshole wingnut Dinesh D'Souza, convicted for campaign finance violations.  (A D'Souza mini-sampler:  American slaves were "treated pretty well."  Obama was a "grown-up Trayvon Martin in the White House.")  Next up in Donnie's pardon-palooza are Apprentice buddies Martha Stewart and disgraced ex-governor Rod Goblowyerself.

Trump's INS Border control forces barred Sen. Jeff Merkley from entering a Texas detention center for immigrant kids forcibly separated from their parents per current policy.  Then the agents called the cops to have the Senator removed from the premises.  A U.S. Senator can't visit a federal facility?  What are they hiding?

Turns out that Hurricane Maria killed upwards of 4600 American citizens in Puerto Rico, not the 76 dead officially reported by the Trump administration.  That puts it in the Katrina category.  More were killed by Maria than by 9/11.  Trump said nothing about these new facts, didn't even lob some paper towels.  The story was lightly reported, most media outlets being transfixed by Roseanne.

Pruitt signs coal deregulation as industry execs and miners
look on.  Note the guy with the portable oxygen tank.
How appropriate.
We just wrapped up the hottest month of May on record, and slash-and-burn EPA Destroyer Scott Pruitt has become a case study in corruption as he works his way through the Big Oil/Gas/Coal wish list.  He's been particularly cozy with the declining coal industry, giving regulatory relief to hundreds of decrepit coal-burning power plants scheduled to close.

After he found out that most of the Philadelphia Eagles would skip their traditional White House visit as a protest against his policies, Trump "disinvited" the Super Bowl Champs.  As always, Donnie Dainty Digits is hyper-sensitive to size, and it just wouldn't look good to have big ceremony for just five or six players.  The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors immediately announced that no matter which of them wins the NBA title, neither team will visit the White House.  LeBron James said that "No one wants the invite anyway, especially with him in there."  Right on, 'Bron!

Most of the above serves as a daily distraction from his biggest problem, the Russia probe.

Rudy Ghouliani has asserted that Trump could "shoot James Comey" and still not be indicted or prosecuted.  Really?  What absurd bullshit!  Trump has proclaimed his "absolute right" to pardon himself.  (There's that pardon thing again.)  Bullshit again!  He says the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel is "unconstitutional."  Triple bullshit!  (And Trump was a heavy advocate of a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary.)

Don Jr. testified that the 2016 meeting between Trump advisers and Russians was all about adoption and Daddy Dearest knew nothing about it.  Well, we now know that meeting was in fact all about hurting Hillary's election chances and helping Trump, and that Trump knew about it.  That's prima facie collusion.  And the Gaud-father now admits that he was the one who dictated the bullshit adoption statement.  In other words, he lied to protect himself and cover up his involvement in the collusion.  And that's prima facie obstruction of justice.  Not to mention quadruple and quintuple bullshit.

It's no wonder the Dishonest Don is thinking about pardoning himself.  He's a criminally corrupt grifter and serial liar whose policies are intentionally cruel and divisive.  He may very likely need a pardon.

But there are way too many stupid Americans who don't pay any attention to his daily abominations, who don't follow the facts, who just don't care.  There are too many who delight in his unhinged anger and abnormality.  These dim bulbs love to watch him light his pants on fire and fling his own feces.  This slimy huckster is their perverted idea of "being real."

Are there enough of these willfully ignorant American idiots remaining to give this disgraceful fraud a second term?  Good gawd, let's hope not.  He's gotta go!

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