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Buster Gammons

Monday, June 25, 2018

American Horror Story

You don't need me to rehash the awful details of Trump's immoral "baby jail" border policies and practices.  You know them as well as I do.  He's an evil, lying, racist wanna-be dictator ginning up a false immigration crisis because he believes it plays well with his deplorable supporters.  Border control, ICE and now the military have been turned into the Waffen SS.  We're living in an American Horror Story.

We have experience in such matters.  McCarthyism, Viet Nam, Watergate, the Iraq War -- all were cases of our government lying to us repeatedly, but in each case the truth eventually came out, strong bipartisan opposition carried the day, and the nightmare faded.  Normalcy was restored.  Let's hope it ends similarly this time.

But Trump is so vile, lying more than all those examples combined, and a frightening number of people are swallowing it.  The racists are asking us to stop calling them racists.  They want us to stop chasing them out of restaurants.  And they're want us to stop being so disrespectful and uncivil to them and their demented pig leader.  As if Trump and company would become ever-so-reasonable if only we'd be more polite and civil.

Bullshit!  These worms will never turn.  We can't be too careful.  We must vote them out en masse in November and again in 2020.  They gotta go!

Until then, perhaps a bit of humor, dark though it may be, might help us persevere.


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