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Friday, June 29, 2018

I Will Not Hold Hands And Sing Kumbaya

An acquaintance is re-posting his "be nice to Trumpanzees" stick figure meme on Facebook once again.  He found it on a right-wing FB page and shared it first in January 2017.  It's even stupider now than it was back then.

I have little respect for those who voted for Donnie Destructo, and none for those who still support him now after a year and a half of his shit.  This meme and others like it are foolishly naive, suggesting that Trump is just another president and it's no big deal, so let's have a drink and forget all about it.

No thanks.  He's not just another president.  Trump is a malignant, corrupt imposter.  Everything he does comes with an extra dollop of gleeful cruelty and dickishness.  He'll go down in history as a tragic mistake.

As an adult,  I can be temporarily pleasant and friendly with Trump supporters, but I refuse to pretend that Trumpism doesn't matter.  I refuse to lose my anger and outrage.  And I will not hold hands and sing Kumbaya with Trumpanzees.

So here, dude, I fixed your meme: 


  1. Does the self-indulgent twaddle ever end? Your radical, progressive, socialist ideals are being rejected by those outside the coastal (and university) echo-chamber bubbles. Trump is winning. Let that sink in.... OK, You may now continue the whining.

  2. yawn butthurt libtard, next.