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Buster Gammons

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gut-Check For My Trump-Voting Acquaintances

Believe it or not, Buster has some "readers" who actually voted for Orange O'Haira.  Not many, but some.  They know who they are and so do I.

Considering all the deplorable things he's said and done, capped now by his terrible public statements yesterday supporting Nazis and racists, if you voted for Trump, I call on you to apologize to me.  That's right, I want a personal apology from you.  Now. 

I want you to acknowledge to me that your vote was a monumental, historic mistake.  I want you to admit that your vote damaged our country.  I want you to tell me you're embarrassed by it and you regret it and you wish you could take a Mulligan.  I want you to tell me, personally, that you're sorry.  You know how to reach me, one way or another.

It takes a massively abhorrent individual to move the imminent threat of nuclear war to Page Two all by himself.  Our fake president is that individual.  And some of you voted for him.

So, no more excuses.  It's gut-check time.  It's apology time.

Will you do it?  Can you?  If you can't, I have no use for you.

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