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Friday, February 24, 2017

Unproductive Pat

After skipping a constituents town hall meeting on Wednesday, last night I saw Pat Tiberi on TV trying to defend his weak-ass decision to avoid any future town halls or other public meetings where anyone might give him some verbal grief.  He said such gatherings are "chaotic" and not a "productive use of [his] time."  He said he's "just not going to do that," ever, but he's always ready to meet "individually or with small groups of 3 or 4 constituents."  Right!  ("No, I'm sorry, the Congressman can't see you Thursday either.  How about never?  Does never work for you?")

I was compelled to write to him yet again, using the subject of "healthcare" on his drop-down menu.

I am a constituent who was in attendance last night at the town hall in Beechwold, organized by Indivisible.  Where were you, Pat?

You are a craven chickenshit, afraid to face any group of citizens who disagree with you, too scared to deal honestly with any protest against you and your harmful ideas.

Your assertion that meeting with you individually or in tiny groups is better and more "productive" is nonsense.  You have no intention of doing so, and  even if you were to meet with every person in last night's town hall, you'd do nothing else for the rest of your term.  That's not productive.  The truth is you refuse to meet with any non-Republican group, be it Indivisible or others.  You're a bubble-dweller.

I've sent you many calm, reasonable and well-thought out emails about the ACA, and your responses (staff responses, I understand) are always a disappointment -- just boilerplate regurgitations of your tired, old, partisan "repeal & replace" fetish.  How is that productive?  You politely but callously ignore my concern, not listening to it, thinking about it or caring about it.   You will not be moved.  So don't be surprised if a lot of folks like me are fed up and angry and somewhat less than polite.  We're pissed off now and you can't hide from all of us forever.

I need affordable health insurance, and I personally need income-based premium subsidies.  I don't need any more of your policy papers, because your policies are WRONG, Pat.  Most Americans, even the majority in your gerrymandered 12th District, approve of the ACA and don't want to see it repealed.  You are standing against the majority; you're thwarting the will of the people. 

Your absence last night spoke volumes -- you're a true chickenshit, a clot in the artery of progress, and a failure as my elected official.  I'll do everything I can to unseat you.

Please don't bother to send me another pre-fab response.


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