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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fast And Furious WTF's

Our Hair Furor has been in rare lunatic form lately.  WTF's abound!  A recent sampling from DEFCON Don:

He gave his life partner Steve Bannon a permanent seat on the National Security Council, while removing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Bannon is a nationalist ideologue from an alt-right, white-supremacist spin website.  He's a bad seed, and no more qualified in national security than I am.

His prepared remarks on Holocaust Remembrance Day managed to contain no mention whatsoever of the Jewish people.

To mark Black History Month, said that "Frederick Douglass has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice."  Way to notice shit, douchebag!  Frederick Douglass was, of course, the brilliant ex-slave, revered abolitionist and orator who died in 1895.  I love Andy Borowitz's line:  Trump heard Douglass was alive from Betsy DeVos.  LOL!

At the National Congressional Prayer Breakfast, he first went fire-and-brimstone, vowing to "completely destroy" the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which prohibits non-profits like churches from political endorsements and contributions.  Destroy separation of church and state?  Donnie don't care.  Then he went off-script, dissing Arnold Schwarzenegger and asking attendees to pray for better ratings for The Apprentice.  

He drafted an executive order which would extend bogus "religious freedom" legal exemptions to all bigoted people and organizations, allowing them to be fearless free-range assholes.  If signed, it'll be known as the Kim Davis, Queer-Hatin', Bake Your Own Friggin' Cake, No Contraception and No Abortions, Potty Police Order.  (Since Drumpf himself is an infamous libertine, serial-philandering, incest-fantasizing pussy grabber, it's doubtful he really gives a shit about this.  But Holy Super-Christian Mike Pence sure does.)

He angrily hung up on the Aussie Prime Minister after ripping him over a refugee issue, then reminding the P.M. of his yuuge election victory.  (It wasn't, of course, and it's immaterial.)  The Twitter-verse responded with #ReasonsWhyTrumpHangsUp:
-- He doesn't speak Australian.
-- Mexico refuses to pay for the call.
-- It's 3 a.m. - time to Tweet!
-- Putin on Line 2.

Stay strong, my friends.  We must simultaneously maintain a sense of humor and a willingness to resist and speak out against this dangerous idiocy.


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