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Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Good-For-Nothing Senator

"Please support a bipartisan and independent investigation into the unseemly relationship between the Trump administration and the Russian government."

Yesterday, I sent that single-sentence email request to my U.S. Senators and my Representative.  I've sent many things in recent years, and I seem to be picking up the pace these days.  While Sherrod Brown's office always responds specifically on-topic to my missives, replies from Republicans Robbie Portman and Pat Tiberi are marvels of deflection and bullshit bafflement.

Portman's office responded today.  It usually takes them a couple weeks.  Perhaps the speed of the reply indicates that many constituents are asking for the same thing.  I don't know, but the response was classic Portman boilerplate:

It began by thanking me for my "concern regarding election interference" (I didn't say that) then went on at great length to rehash what's already common knowledge about Russia's meddling in our election.  Portman's office took 7 paragraphs and over 800 words to utterly ignore my concern.  There was not one word which addressed my call to investigate Trump's Russian connections.  It was a non-response, a waste of everyone's time.

Portman is useless -- he doesn't care, doesn't share my values, doesn't work for my benefit.  Whether you call or write, communicating with him is always an exercise in frustration and spin.  Yet it must be done.  It's one way we can burst Robbie's bubble of conceit and show organized opposition to the awful Trump/GOP agenda.

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