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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Bear In The Room

American intelligence agencies agree that Russia, as ordered by Putin, conducted a covert operation to influence the 2016 presidential campaign, for Trump's benefit.  This cyber-espionage included hacking Democratic Party targets and publishing stolen emails via WikiLeaks.

On the long, long list of things about this deserving more scrutiny, more coverage and more sunlight :
  • Campaign manager Paul Manafort worked directly for Russia to subvert the Ukranian government and was paid millions for it.
  • Russian officials have acknowledged they were in regular contact with the Trump campaign.
  • Trump personally and publicly asked Russia to commit a crime on his behalf -- to hack U.S.data servers and find Hillary's "missing" emails.
  • Trump has been financially bailed out -- bigly! -- by Russian oligarchs and owes them untold millions.
  • Pro-Kremlin commentators called Secretary of State Rex Tillerson "a Christmas gift from America to the Russian people."
  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn phoned the Russian ambassador in December to discuss and undermine Obama's sanctions against Russia for the election interference.  According to multiple sources, Flynn's message was, "Don't worry about the sanctions.  Trump will take care of it."  Flynn then lied about it.  Flynn is this generation's Ollie North.
  • Flynn has appeared on Russian state TV, sat beside Putin at a Russian state dinner, and has a lobbying firm which is being paid by the Turkish government as we sit here.
The obvious Trump-Russia connection is the big old bear in the room.  It's even bigger than we know, and not enough is being said or done.  Although it's easy to get distracted by all of Trump's shit-flinging, ball-grabbing circus monkey antics, the media must not drop the ball on this one -- stay on it, keep asking, keep digging, keep the pressure on!

This is the big one, and when the whole truth comes out, it won't be pretty.

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