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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's Presser Was Weapons-Grade Crazy

Did you happen to catch any of today's press conference with Mr. Mousehands?  Wow!  It was a real tour de farce.

Ostensibly held to introduce his new Labor Secretary pick (the guy wasn't even there), it quickly veered into Terra Incognita.  A presidential press briefing like none other -- rambling, bitter, accusatory, and crazier than a shit-house rat!

Trump wouldn't discuss firing Mike Flynn and the growing concern about the Russia scandal.  No no, he was there instead to fling shiny objects into the air; he was there to deflect, distract, lie and change the subject.

He took his Twitter tantrum of yesterday and cranked it up to eleven: 

  • An hour-long, all-out attack on the press -- "The press is so dishonest, out of control.  They won't tell you the truth."
  • An insistence that possible collaboration with Russia doesn't matter, but the leaks about it do.  "The leaks are real.  The news is fake."  He called it "false, horrible, fake reporting."
  • A return to his pre-occupation with size.  He bragged once again, and apropos of nothing, about his electoral college victory, claiming it was the largest since Reagan.  It wasn't.  (And he's the one trying to make an issue of fake news.)
Trumpistopheles is looking sweaty and desperate.  It's reminiscent of Watergate, don't you think?  Recall that it was Nixon's anger over leaks that led to his ultimate undoing.  Nixon hated the press, Trump hates the press.  Both hoped that constant media-bashing would buy some public goodwill and distract from the real issues at hand.

It didn't work for Nixon.  If the media continues to do its job and sticks its guns, it won't work for Trump either.  Keep the pressure on!

A couple final thoughts:

If you really believe that Breitbart.com is honest and credible and the New York Times is not, you are stuck on stupid, and there's no hope for you.

Some notes on size, for the benefit of Donnie Daintyfingers:

  • 54% of voters did not for you.
  • Of all eligible voters, only 27% voted for you.  (Yes, that means too many people stayed home.)
  • Mitt Romney had more votes losing Wisconsin in 2012 than you did winning it in 2016.


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