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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump's Presidency Finalizes Our National Divorce

I thought this was an interesting analogy for the current state of American political society:  No more counseling, no more false hopes of reconciliation.  Trump is the last straw -- it's divorce, with a custody battle.


Excerpts from the article by Aaron Loeb.

Politically, our country has been undergoing a trial separation for the past 20-30 years.  At some point, I realized the other side was in it just to win and had thrown all propriety, all history, all common bond out the window.  I realized the other side considered me the enemy.

So for decades, we've spent less and less time together.  But we agreed on one thing:  we loved the kid.  We have maintained some bond of contact because we love this country.

And now, why is everyone I know so sad?  Because we still loved you, you jerks!  We still wanted to share this country with you, in all of its abundance and glory.  And 2016 has killed that ember of hope.  We now understand that this trial separation was never a trial for you.  You hate us, you don't want to be with us anymore and you will do anything to keep the kid all to yourselves.  The realization is painful.

By electing Donald J. Trump, you have asked us for a divorce.  Really, you've demanded it.

We could have had a divorce with shared custody.  Not anymore.  We're going to hire the nastiest, toughest, smartest, leg-breaking-est lawyers in the country.  We're taking you to court.  And we're taking the kid.

If you think we're snowflakes, you better prepare for the blizzard coming your way.

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