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Buster Gammons

Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Knows So Few Words, And Misspells Most Of Them

His words may be "the best," but his ability to spell them is the worst.

As widely reported, and duplicated here for the sheer WTF fun of it, selected spellings from the Terrible Tiny Twitterfingers of Donald J. Trump:

attakers  (attackers)
honer/honered  (honor/honored)
Denmakr  (Denmark)
Columbia  (Colombia)
non-sense  (nonsense)
unpresidented (unprecedented)
leightweight chocker  (lightweight choker)
lyen  (lyin')
dummer  (dumber)
Barrack  (Barack)
Bobby Night  (Bobby Knight)
Phoneix  (Phoenix)

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