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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn Is Out, And The Plot Thickens

In a non-surprise, career crackpot and dangerous security risk Gen. Michael Flynn has "resigned" as national security adviser.  Notwithstanding his conveniently faulty memory of the events, it seems that Flynn did indeed discuss lifting sanctions (and who knows what else) with Russia while Obama was still in office.  What's a little sedition here and there?

Flynn is just a sacrificial lamb.  His obvious and clumsy involvement with the Russian government is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Trump-Russia connection cries out for more investigation!  There should be no hesitation in launching a Congressional investigation, or even better, an independent investigation with a special counsel.

But Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who heads the Congressional oversight committee, has delivered the Republican party line by saying he will not invesitigate anything because "it's taking care of itself."

No, No, No!!  Nothing "takes care of itself," especially this.  It's a critically important issue with potentially vast implications, and we deserve answers.  What did Trump know, and when?  Don't let the GOP sweep this under the rug!  Contact your congressional representatives and demand investigations now.

Here's a good article touching on some of the many questions and conflicts posed by Trump's Russian connection:


Excerpt from the linked article:

The bottom line is that Putin is far shrewder than Trump and capable of playing him like a balalaika. And despite the departure of security risk Michael Flynn, with the likes of the foolhardy Steve Bannon, the dangerous professional twerp/presidential advisor Stephen Miller and others still egging Trump on — obsessed with a nightmarish hallucination about America and the world’s future — we live at one of the most dangerous moment in our republic’s history.
Unlike those days 50 years ago when Russia posed a different kind of ideological threat, one that had us building fallout shelters and teaching kids to duck and cover, this is not a drill.

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