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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Will Anyone Point Out His Constant, Obvious Lies?

Had a nice online exchange last night with some new readers from California.  Like so many of us, they're gob-smacked by the way mainstream media has given Donald Trump a false equivalency he simply does not deserve.

Example 1:  Hillary Clinton's "walking pneumonia" is no way a "health crisis," that stupid phrase bandied about by too many supposedly serious news outlets.  Stage 4 cancer is a health crisis.  Hilz has herself a cough and a case of the crud.  Stop it!

Example 2:  Speaking today in Iowa, Donald Trump declared that Hillary is "running a policy-free campaign."  I watched his comments on CBS, where no one said a word about this humongous lie!

CBS, puh-leeze!   Hillary Clinton has released a policy book, for cryin' out loud!  She outlines her positions on 38 topics, over 256 pages.  You friggin' didn't know this?

Trump's "policies," on the other hand, cover 6 or 7 brief thoughts, double-spaced on a single page, with the sort of generous margins found in junior high term papers.  Topics include "How to lose trillions of dollars on tax cuts for those who don't need them," and of course "Paying for the wall."


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