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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Daily Donald WTF?

I think I'll go with this the rest of the way.

Donald Trump throws so much crap at the wall every day, you can't keep track of it.  It's his technique for scandal management -- have so many, no one can possibly remember them all.

Nevertheless, I shall endeavor for the rest of the campaign to list some of Donald's daily transgressions, crimes, outrages, falsehoods, and other deplorable activities.  Just to keep a record of them.  Let's call it "The Daily Donald WTF?"  If I miss a few here and there, forgive me.  The Donald deals in volume.

Today's WTF list:
  • His "charitable" foundation uses its contributors' money to make political donations and pay off Trump's own legal bills.  This is -- what's the word? -- illegal!  WTF?
  • At meeting he called to address "African-American concerns" (and attended by 99% white people), Trump said police should "be more careful" when shooting unarmed black people.  Later, he called for nationwide stop-and-frisk policing, which has been ruled unconstitutional.  WTF?
  • In August, Trump used $500,000 of his campaign funds (other people's money) to pay his own companies for campaign "expenses."  He reimbursed himself for using his own private jet and for office space at Trump Tower.  WTF?   

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