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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cheap SOB Donald Rips Off Tacky Little Girls In Sequins

And why not?  The rotten turd has stiffed everybody else -- builders, contractors, would-be students at his "university," his campaign staff, et al.

Now we learn that the self-reported multi-billionaire who refuses to release his tax returns has pricked over the "USA Freedom Kids," a red-white-and-blue trio of tweenie-bopper girls who performed a cheesy faux-patriotic routine at one of his Florida campaign events earlier this year.

They were paid nothing.  They were promised a simple merchandise table after the rally in Pensacola -- an opportunity to sell their jingo crap to the Trump crowd.  But the campaign bouncers made the Freedom Kids leave all their t-shirts and junk out in the parking lot, where it was promptly stolen as the kids hit the stage with their treacly act.  Sorry, girls.

That screw-job notwithstanding, afterward the Trump campaign asked the Freedom Kids to perform at an Iowa event on behalf the Great Trumpkin.  Inexplicably, the Kids agreed to travel there on their own nickel.  Once there, the campaign informed them their services were not required.  Sorry again, girls.

They're suing Trump for $15,000 in damages.  Good.  You go, girls!

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