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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Too Late For Ted Strickland?

Yeah, probably.

The former Ohio governor is trailing in his fight to unseat the incumbent Republican Senator and corporate tool Robbie Portman.  Strickland had an early lead, but constant big-money attack ads from the Koch brothers, the Lindners, the Castellinis, the GOP Senatorial PAC, the NRA, and the Portman campaign itself have taken their toll.  My own $5 and $10 contributions to Ted have been no match, and the Democratic Party machinery has pulled millions of dollars in planned ad support for Strickland.  They've bailed.

It's a shame because Ted is as genuine as Robbie is fake.  And all of Robbie's attack ads are fake too.  Pretty much a fact-free zone, a land of lies.

The main thrust of all the ads, regardless of source, is to blame Ted Strickland as governor for every last economic problem Ohio endured during the Great Recession.  It was all his fault.

Well, no it wasn't, of course.  And while Ted was dealing with a real live shit-storm, what was Robbie doing about the financial crisis?  Nothing.  Zero.  From 2007 through 2010, he did nothing but raise money for his own Senate campaign.

It's Quixotic of me, but I'd just like to remind anyone reading this that, no matter what the attack ads say,  as governor Ted Strickland did not cause the Recession, did not cause Ohio to lose jobs, did not wastefully drain the state's rainy-day fund, and did not raise taxes.  He is a supporter of the Affordable Care Act, but the ACA does not cut individual Medicare benefits by $700 billion.  He has not done anything to put individual Social Security benefits at risk.  It's all a pack of lies.

Portman is just a party apparatchik, a reliable vote for the Chamber of Commerce and the NRA.  He's voted consistently to protect American business outsourcing and off-shoring.  How the Teamsters were persuaded to endorse him is beyond me.  Must have been a really big check.  The Teamsters disagree with him on so much, except for the fact that Robbie's trying to help them keep their pension solvent.  So is Sherrod Brown.  So would Ted Strickland.

Ted's a good man.  I'll vote for him.  Robbie Portman, on the other hand, endorses Donald Effin' Trump.  Eeew!  Gross!!  And despite that, somehow Robbie leads comfortably in the polls.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.  -- George Carlin

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