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Buster Gammons

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

His Father Is Spinning In His Grave

It will be "must-see TV."  Three debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump kick off on September 26th.  "Kick off" is intentional.  It could pull Super Bowl-like ratings.

The third debate will moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News (blonde bimbo, plunging neckline, leg-cam, Ailes shit-canned, $20 mil to Gretchen Carlson Fox News.  Yeah, that one.)

Chris Wallace says it is not his job to be the "truth squad" and he will not challenge the debating candidates when they are, you know, lying.  Well then, who the hell are you, Chris Wallace?  Wink Martindale?  Monty Hall?  Vanna White?  As a "journalist," what precisely is your job if not to pursue the facts?  If not that, then what friggin' good are ya?   

That breeze you feel is his father, the estimable fact-checker and truth-squader Mike Wallace, spinning in his grave.

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