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Sunday, September 4, 2016

New World Record For Fakeness

In the 2012 election, I had a blast mocking Mitt Romney.  His weird, plastic Mormon awkwardness made him an easy target.  I thought one of my better zingers was:

"Is there anything less authentic than Mitt Romney in a checkered shirt and blue jeans?"

Little did I know then what a cornucopia of craziness 2016 would provide in the form of Donald Trump -- essentially an escaped mental patient with fascist delusions.

And now we know that, yes, there is indeed something less authentic than Mittens in blue jeans.

It's Herr Drumpf in photo-op attendance at an African American church in Detroit.  Dancin' Don tried but failed to locate the rhythm in the gospel songs, and recited some brief prepared (by someone else) boilerplate remarks.

This was The Donald's big "outreach" moment, and it was the height of hideous, obvious, graceless fakery.  A new world record.

Trump came to Detroit with 1% black support nationally.  He leaves with 1.01%, if he's lucky.

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