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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Make Russia Great Again

"Russia, if you're listening . . ."

Of course, Donald Trump has infamously encouraged foreign governments to spy on us and hack his opponent and our IT systems at the highest levels. "I think you'll be mightily rewarded by our press."

Not that they need any prodding, but they're listening, Donald, they're listening.

Since the Great Trumpkin's intemperate, treasonous-ish remarks, Guccifer and other Russian-sourced hackers have stepped up their game, leaking info stolen from the DNC, Colin Powell, Simone Biles, and Venus and Serena Williams.

In a personal email, Powell called Trump "a national disgrace."  Strong words, and perfectly true.  But lots of people have said that and are still saying it, your humble correspondent included.

I'm much more concerned about Trump's bro-mance with Putin, and what that implies.  Trump says it's a mutual admiration society, but Putin is a despot, a strongman, and a servant of his oligarchs.  Trump owes much more money to those Russian "lenders" than he's willing to admit.  And despite the man-crush, Putin is smart enough to recognize a fish on the line.

Trump is that fish.  (He certainly has the lips.)

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