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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate Assessment: Trump's A Chump, But Fellow Chumps Still Love Him

Well, I watched the whole thing and managed to keep my dinner down, but it wasn't easy.  Ninety minutes straight of Donald Trump is about my limit.  Bourbon was helpful.

Trumpty Dumpty was certainly himself, the person we've come to know and loathe -- boastful, buffoonish, inarticulate, incoherent, dreadfully unprepared, and altogether unfit for the presidency.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton was -- wait, there's really no comparison, just stark contrast.  Hillary was A-OK, just fine, and Trump was historically awful.  Two short examples (so many to choose from):

  • Asked by Lester Holt how he would bring back American jobs that have been relocated to other countries, as he has often promised to do, Trump's answered, "I wouldn't let 'em go."  Holt persisted (he was much better than Matt Lauer), asking again, "Yes, but how would you bring back those jobs?"  Trump stuck with, "I wouldn't let them go in the first place."
  • Responding to Hillary's reminder that Trump and his daddy were successfully sued twice in the 1970's for racial discrimination in their rental practices, Donald said that, essentially, everybody was doing that red-lining thing back in those days, and both of those lawsuits were settled (i.e. he paid hefty penalties and damages) "with no admission of guilt on our part."  So there!  The he added that he built more apartments after that and nobody sued him for racial discrimination since.  So there again!

I liked Van Jones comment:  "He shouldn't take credit for being the most improved bigot." 

No surprise, but as the debate wore on Trump found it increasingly hard to control his impulses.  He became a Manterrupter -- a  loudmouth male who rudely interrupts a woman who has the floor as she tries to speak.  That so many of Trump's manterruptions were blatant lies only added to the fun.  "I never said that."  (Yes, you did.)  "Never happened."  (Yes, it did.)  "Wrong."  (No, it's correct.)

After last night, it's obvious Trump is unqualified and is dangerously in over his head.  But this was just as obvious 15 months ago.  His supporters have never cared that he's unqualified -- they actually like it!  They are stubbornly, willfully ignorant, they cannot be reasoned with, and there are a lot more of 'em than I ever thought possible.  It's a sad commentary on our country.

After the debate, two Trump supporters were interviewed at a bar here in Columbus.   One said that although Trump had "embarrassed himself" in the debate, as a Republican, he'll still be voting for him.  The other said she was a "true conservative," and that meant that "whatever jackass they picked to lead this mule train," that's who she'll be voting for.  Well, isn't that a special kind of stupid?

Ordinarily, Hillary would get a nice bounce in the polls after her debate performance.  I certainly hope she does.  But nothing is ordinary anymore.  We shall see.

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