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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

They're People, Not Candy

Poor Donald Trump, Jr.  Dumb as a stump and addicted to Twitter just like Big Don.

Little Donnie has shown a penchant for tweeting out images with coded appeal to the alt right, white nationalist crowd.  Here's his most recent example:  

This image says it all. Let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put America first.

Little Donnie's rhetorical technique is often called "The Poisonous M&M's" and it's a false analogy used to prop up indefensible stereotypes in order to make flawed generalizations.  "Not all [    ] are bad, but . . . "  It's a favorite technique of white supremacists.  From the Stormtrooper website:

"So let me state again that not all blacks are criminals, but they are more prone to criminal behavior than any other race."

Donnie Jr. has merely substituted Syrian refugees for black people, and switched from M&M's to Skittles.

I love this guy's clever response:  

 In reply to 

Some say the switch to Skittles was deliberate -- a dog whistle to those alt right crazies who idolize racist killer George Zimmerman and love to mock his victim Trayvon Martin.  Having just bought an Arizona Iced Tea and some Skittles, Martin was returning to his dad's condo when Zimmerman killed him.  

If you doubt that Skittles can be a racist code, check out this tweet from some fuck-wit named Holly Hammersmith.  She's trolling @Green_Footballs, a.k.a. Charles Johnson, a Twitter user in the Gabe Ortiz-Buster Gammons mold.  Holly, on the other hand, is one seriously hateful little girl.  Her Twitter page lists her "hearts" (loves) as #AltRight, #StopWhiteGenocide, #TrumpRepublican, #FeminismIsCancer, and of course, #Christian.

These are Trump's people.  Donnie Jr. knows exactly who he's speaking to. 

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