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Buster Gammons

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Your Daily Donald WTF

Well, I guess I'm back to this, although we've escalated above simple WTF's.  What's the next Def-Con after WTF?  In any event, shit's gettin' real.  Our douchebag-elect has a Twitter account but still has no filters, no impulse control, and no clue. Recent examples:

  • Reiterated his vow to "tear up" the multi-national Iran nuclear arms prevention deal.  World leaders and experts immediately condemned his reckless and belligerent threat.  C.I.A. chief John Brennan said it would be "disastrous" and the "height of folly."  WTF Donald?
  • All alone in Dump Tower and feeling all spunky with Islamophobic 20-20 hindsight, he late-night tweeted that Abdul Artan, the OSU attacker, "should not have been in our country."  He was a refugee here legally with his mother and six siblings.  How would he be kept out, Donnie?  "A complete and total ban on all Muslims!  Extreme vetting!"  Wonderful.  WTF Donald?  
  • Tweeted that he will be "completely out" of his numerous business interests, "in total," because it is "visually important."  (Visually?)  He has previously said he'd put his business in a "blind trust" run by his kids (which would not be even come close to a blind trust).  He has not promised to divest himself, and he still has not released his tax returns.  His conflicts of interests are yuge, obvious, and potentially unconstitutional.  WTF Donald? 
  • Even though he hasn't yet begun, he told Newt Gingrich that "This is really a bigger job than I thought."  Well, duh!  What kind of moron underestimates the most critically important job in the entire friggin' world?  You know who.  WTF Donald? 

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