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Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Is Not Normal

Idiot Nation (a.k.a. Trump voters) is certain that The Donald is their kind of "normal."   Too many mainstream Republicans have already swallowed their pride, dignity and brains so as to "normalize" their man.  To their everlasting shame, the greedy corporate media treated him like a "normal" candidate for the sake of ratings and revenue.

Yet some things need to be abnormalized.

We must not normalize his racial dog-whistle rhetoric, his preposterous lies, his ignorance and absence of experience, his preening narcissism, his greed, his sexism, his bigotry, his incitements to violence, his childish Twitter tantrums, his endless scandals and conflicts of interest, his multiple bankruptcies, his too-cozy friendship with Putin and Russia's influence on the election, his bullying threats, etc.

All this is quite normal for Trump.  That's why he needs to be abnormalized.

He's a manipulator and a media invention, not a real president.  He's just a ball-grabbing, feces-flinging circus monkey -- amusing at first, repulsive thereafter.  

America made a big mistake.  We must now pay close attention, diligently resist, and call bullshit on the Trump agenda and whatever else the Republicans try to get away with.  This is not normal.

Good column from Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune:

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