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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Re-Birth Of The Brownshirts

What hath Donald wrought?

A "normalization" which leads some in the Idiot Nation to feel that hate speech, racism and acts of violence are now perfectly acceptable, encouraged even.

Since November 8th, we've already seen hundreds of incidents of intimidation, including:
  • High school students chanting "Build that wall!" during lunch period.
  • Students shouting "White Power" in their school hallway while holding a Trump sign.
  • Violent threats against African Americans and Muslim Americans.
  • Pro-Trump vandalism and graffiti, e.g. "Trump Nation Whites Only," "Heil Trump," and of course, swastikas.

And now this from yesterday at the Ohio State University student union:

The speaker was not seriously injured.  As the asshole assailant is led away, the students chant, "Shame, shame, shame."

Got that right.

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