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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coach Crybaby

Wacky Khaki, the coach of the TUN, had a post-game meltdown.  He was "bitterly disappointed with the officiating," especially the "outrageous call that blatantly ended the game."  He was referring to J.T. Barrett's do-or-die run on 4th and one in the second overtime period.  It was in fact very close, but Barrett gained the yard and the first down to keep the Buckeyes alive.

In real time it looked to me that he made it, the refs signaled a first down, and video replay confirmed it, but Harbaugh refused to see it that way and insisted that Barrett was stopped a foot short.  Maybe he ought to check the prescription on those ugly-ass glasses he wears!

From OSU receivers coach Zach Smith:

Wait... How short was ?? 🅾️

And note to Coach Wacky Khaki:  The referee's call on Barrett's run did not end the game.  It ended with Curtis Samuel's 15 yard TD run on the next play.


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