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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comey: "On Second Thought, It's Ass-Covering Time"

After his ill-advised last-minute letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey has now issued a last-last-minute follow up letter to let us all know that once again, still, all those emails are a nothing-burger -- mostly duplicates of what they'd already seen.

Well, duh!  This is strictly no shit, Sherlock stuff.  Comey's new letter is a CYA attempt, as well as an admission that his first letter was a huge mistake.  It's nice he's trying to set the record straight, but he's a little late.  As far as I'm concerned, James Comey is an ambitious and duplicitous snake.  Trust him at your peril.

And hey, Donald!  You said, "We can be sure what's in those emails [on Weiner's laptop] is absolutely devastating."  "It's a scandal worse than Watergate!"  "This is the biggest cover-up in history."  Remember saying, "The FBI has more than enough evidence to indict Hillary"?


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