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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Barry Larkin Is In

Former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin was elected yesterday to baseball's Hall of Fame. He's certainly deserving of the honor -- World Series Champ, MVP, Gold Glover, good hitter, and Cincinnati native who spent his entire career with his hometown team. And by all accounts, he's a genuinely good guy, too. So, congrats to Barry Larkin!

Mean old SOB pitcher Jack Morris finished second, with not quite enough votes to get in this year. But he was a good one for the Tigers, Twins and Blue Jays, and really ought to get in one of these years.

Way back in the pack, with still nowhere near enough support to come close to election, was former HR king Mark McGwire. The taint of steroids is hard to shake, and it's sticking to him and a bunch of others. An entire generation of juiced-up players may be effectively "banned" from the Hall.

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